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what a weekend

This weekend was pretty good. I didn't do all that much, so that was nice. I did order my wedding cake, though. The shop let me try all the different kinds of cake and frosting which was awesome. I settled on a two-tier vanilla poundcake with vanilla buttercream, and a raspberry buttercream filling. The two tiers are going to be three layers, instead of two, so it's going to be a bit taller and have ranunculus flowers on top. I'm pretty thrilled.
The season 2 premier of True Blood is tonight. I just finished season 1 last week or so, so I'm all caught up! This season should be good. I also got two of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so after I'm done with LeGuin's Tehanu, I can start reading them. I hope the show and the novels are different so I don't ruin it for myself...
Hopefully I'll get to sing a solo on Tuesday at my theater class....last week no one got to sing except one girl. I just hope the teacher doesn't keep wasting our time with these crappy/somewhat boring acting games. I'd much rather just sing our solos and the group piece. I also hope the dance for the group piece picks up, as its really easy right now.
Next week, I don't really have anything planned. I will probably use my student discount at the Walnut to go see Forbidden Broadway, but other than that I have nothing. I think Megan comes home this week from Scotland, so it will be nice to see her after 6 months of traveling. I love seeing people's pictures.

ok boring stuff after the cut.

Erik and I have been discussing honeymoon ideas, and as of yet we still have no idea. We had originally thought about Japan, but as we're going next May, that is sort of impractical given how much time off we'll need. We had also thought about Alaska, Iceland, and Norway, but still no decision was made. Today I stumbled across a picture which looks increasingly promising... Patagonia in South America has these beautiful glaciers that would be fucking awesome to go see. This guy's flickr set summarizes pretty much all the awesome stuff in Argentina/Chile that we could see on a cruise of some nature. Glaciers, rock hopper penguins, waterfalls, the strait of Magellan, fjords. I am beyond excited about this possibility and will have to keep researching it, as it is probably hella expensive....



Jun. 15th, 2009 11:34 am (UTC)
wow!!!! That is so cool!!