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little godspell for you there..

I am soaked. for two reasons... 1. the tiny fury of a woman at the gym kicked my rear.. I should have known better than to stay for the "bootcamp" class. I should have waited for yoga. 2. it POURED like the dickens as I left, rendering me  a hot, wet, mess.
i was so ravenous when i got home i inhaled a small bag of sunchips with some trader joes garlic hummus... that hummus is so good you'll want to lick the container. I did. o.0    brrr... need to change... so cold now!
work is going well, i like it well enough. its easy, and i get paid like, quadruple what i made at wawa. so, go me.  i have yet to receive a paycheck, but as of may 1st i'm sure i'll be a happy bunny. 
Its thundering! yay! I love the rain. It's going to make everything green and sparkly. I've been tracking the tulips near my apartment... they're awesome. I love watching them open and close as the day progresses.
ok, enough blabbering. to the shower, and then meeting up with ma honey to go grocery shopping. (which, surprisingly, is one of my favorite 'domestic' things to do)