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on the up and up

life is looking up.
tomorrow is my last day at wawa! yay times infinity.
friday is first friday!!!
saturday we're probably going to the jewelry store! XD
monday i start my new job!!! 
tuesday Kate comes home and we're going to dinner. : D!
my dad is coming to visit soon!

so thats a bundle of goodness in the mess that has been my life recently.
I'm basically back to square one with wedding plans which sucks the big weenie.
as of right now... i have a dress. and a fiance. and thats it.
so i'm on the prowl for a new venue.... the thought of a dry wedding is ok to me, but my mom doesnt think its a good idea even though she keeps huffing and puffing about how people are jerks at weddings because of alcohol... so she perplexes me.
so thats it for now. i'm sure i'll have more to say next week after i start my new awesome job! yay! : 3