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When Is My Wedding

When is my wedding
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what a weekend

This weekend was pretty good. I didn't do all that much, so that was nice. I did order my wedding cake, though. The shop let me try all the different kinds of cake and frosting which was awesome. I settled on a two-tier vanilla poundcake with vanilla buttercream, and a raspberry buttercream filling. The two tiers are going to be three layers, instead of two, so it's going to be a bit taller and have ranunculus flowers on top. I'm pretty thrilled.
The season 2 premier of True Blood is tonight. I just finished season 1 last week or so, so I'm all caught up! This season should be good. I also got two of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so after I'm done with LeGuin's Tehanu, I can start reading them. I hope the show and the novels are different so I don't ruin it for myself...
Hopefully I'll get to sing a solo on Tuesday at my theater class....last week no one got to sing except one girl. I just hope the teacher doesn't keep wasting our time with these crappy/somewhat boring acting games. I'd much rather just sing our solos and the group piece. I also hope the dance for the group piece picks up, as its really easy right now.
Next week, I don't really have anything planned. I will probably use my student discount at the Walnut to go see Forbidden Broadway, but other than that I have nothing. I think Megan comes home this week from Scotland, so it will be nice to see her after 6 months of traveling. I love seeing people's pictures.

ok boring stuff after the cut.

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FML part deux

So yesterday was nice. I hung out with friends, had dessert for dinner, came home , relaxed, and went to sleep.
I woke up this morning prepared to drive to DC and see my mom for mothers day. I get gas.. get cash for the toll. I leave around 8 AM.  I'm about an hour down the road (9ish) when all of a sudden my front left tire starts freaking out and wobbling and making noises. So I pull over, thinking its flat.. I check it.. not flat.. So I keep driving, but have to pull over again for mysterious noises. So I call roadside assistance thinking this time it has to be flat. They show up 40 min later (10ish?), check it out.. its not flat. The guy tells me to keep driving and if it gets bad before the next exit to get off and he'll tow me. It seems ok, and then goes POP and its completely fine.. so I keep going and he goes on his merry way..
And then, it starts making the noise again! Furious, I pull over into the rest stop and get the gas station people to look at it. They tell me I'm lucky I did because the tire was shot and could have exploded at any second (causing me to lose control of the car and die). So I can either spend $15 to have my donut put on, and drive to the local Wal*mart, or they'll fix it for $200. I pay the man $15, and zoom off (at 50mph on rt 95) to find the walmart. I get there, end up having to pay $100 for a new tire. Awesome. It's 12 by this point. I have spent 4 HOURS on the road dealing with this bullshit, where it should have only taken me 2-3 hours to even get to DC.  So I call my mom, and she says its fine to see her next weekend, and that I can just drive home.
End of story, I feel like an asshole because I didn't see my mom for mother's day and spent close to $200 to do so.



thats all i can say right now... more later.

>: o
little godspell for you there..

I am soaked. for two reasons... 1. the tiny fury of a woman at the gym kicked my rear.. I should have known better than to stay for the "bootcamp" class. I should have waited for yoga. 2. it POURED like the dickens as I left, rendering me  a hot, wet, mess.
i was so ravenous when i got home i inhaled a small bag of sunchips with some trader joes garlic hummus... that hummus is so good you'll want to lick the container. I did. o.0    brrr... need to change... so cold now!
work is going well, i like it well enough. its easy, and i get paid like, quadruple what i made at wawa. so, go me.  i have yet to receive a paycheck, but as of may 1st i'm sure i'll be a happy bunny. 
Its thundering! yay! I love the rain. It's going to make everything green and sparkly. I've been tracking the tulips near my apartment... they're awesome. I love watching them open and close as the day progresses.
ok, enough blabbering. to the shower, and then meeting up with ma honey to go grocery shopping. (which, surprisingly, is one of my favorite 'domestic' things to do)

random dream

ok i dont dream.. i know thats weird, and i know they say "everyone dreams even if they dont remember", blah blah blah. I dont remember, I sleep, I wake up, life goes on.

Well, last night I had a dream. I have no idea what it was about, all I remember is that I was driving. And now, this wouldnt be unusual but i was driving manual.
I dont know how to drive a manual car. I've never driven one. I've watched, sure, and I'm confident I could accurately recreate the pattern of shifting... but it was just so weird... It felt really natural, like i've done it forever.

oh well. maybe one day i'll try it.



oh. em. gee.
it is the most BEAUTIFUL day outside!!!

also, i bought the perfect leek today.
groceries make me happy.

cleaning the fridge out, on the other hand.. not so much.
what to do tonight...



on the up and up

life is looking up.
tomorrow is my last day at wawa! yay times infinity.
friday is first friday!!!
saturday we're probably going to the jewelry store! XD
monday i start my new job!!! 
tuesday Kate comes home and we're going to dinner. : D!
my dad is coming to visit soon!

so thats a bundle of goodness in the mess that has been my life recently.
I'm basically back to square one with wedding plans which sucks the big weenie.
as of right now... i have a dress. and a fiance. and thats it.
so i'm on the prowl for a new venue.... the thought of a dry wedding is ok to me, but my mom doesnt think its a good idea even though she keeps huffing and puffing about how people are jerks at weddings because of alcohol... so she perplexes me.
so thats it for now. i'm sure i'll have more to say next week after i start my new awesome job! yay! : 3

urge to kill rising.

1. had to go ALL the way to Camden today just to stand in line for all of 3 nanoseconds to get my college transcript. had to take nasty patco all the way over to nasty camden, thereby wasting my time.
2. had to go to kinkos to then fax said transcript myself. cost me over 4 dollars. thanks again, rutgers.
3. took FOREVER at kinkos. the line was busy. thank you, kinkos.
4. got a call from my mom about wedding things. apparently NJ hates me and doesnt want me to get married. really they just dont want to let me serve alcohol at my wedding, but really, they just dont want me to be happy.
5.have to go to work now.

going to kill someone.



Thanks to everyone who wished me well... I now have a job at the US District Court!  : D 
I start April 6th, and am very excited. I'll be a court processing clerk, working on a multi-litigation asbestos case. Weird, I know, but its a job, and it sounds kind of cool.
Ok now to go work some awesome on finding my college transcript.